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Board of Directors

"Join a dynamic and diverse team to represent the Women’s Sexual Assault Centre in the community and collaborate on the policy and governance of the Centre"

Board of Directors 


The Board of Directors represents the community as the 'owners' or 'employers' of the Women's Sexual Assault Centre (WSAC). As such, the Board supports WSAC's efforts to fulfill its mission and goals. We tailor the policies under which the agency will operate, we help raise money, and we sign the cheques when the agency bills come in. In short, we make sure that the agency is well run.

The Board ensures WSAC works to successfully meet its stated goals of preventing sexualized violence and helping women and their families who have experienced sexualized violence
Furthermore, the Board:    

  • Functions as the WSAC's governance structure, articulating and communicating the vision for the agency and formulating broad governance policies.
  • Fulfills the obligations of the Centre’s constitution and by-laws, and makes policy in accordance with the agency's mission, values, goals and beliefs.
  • Develops policy in such areas as finance, personnel, programs and communications.
  • Monitors organizational effectiveness in terms of adherence to mandate and service delivery.
  • Hires the Executive Director, develops clear performance standards and conducts regular performance reviews.
  • Ensures the Executive Director is accountable for the supervision of the organization.
  • Supports the Executive Director in all decisions and actions consistent with policies of the Board and the stands taken by the agency.
  • Establishes committees of the Board and defines their terms of reference.
  • Commitment:
  • Approximately 10 hours per month for a two year term


  • Over 19 years
  • criminal record check
  • skill in Human Resources, Finance, Public Relations, Business Management, Fundraising an asset

Application Process:

To those interested in the Board of Directors, an information package can be sent to you by the Coordinator of Volunteers (383-5545 ext. 163 or volunteer@vwsac.com) upon request.   After receiving an information package, the application process goes as followed:

  • Submit a letter of application to the Coordinator of Volunteers, outlining your interest in contributing to the Board of Director. Attach a summary of your experience and/or resume
  • Meet with a current Board member. This meeting offers you the opportunity to learn more about the Board as well as answer any questions you might have.
  • After meeting with a current board and you are still interested in the position, an interview is scheduled with the Executive Director, a current Board member and the Coordinator of Volunteers.
  • Applicant is contacted with the decision by the Coordinator of Volunteers

WSAC is committed to being representative of the community we serve and encourages applications from women of diverse and marginalized groups.

Thank you for volunteering with us! We look forward to
hearing form you!