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It is our mission to support, empower and advocate for women who are survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse. We serve as a liaison between individuals affected by sexual violence, the justice and medical systems and community services. We are committed to working towards the prevention of sexual violence.

Our Services

For informaion about our services or to access any of our services, contact the Crisis & Information Line during regular business hours (250)-383-3232.

Crisis & Information Line (250) 383-3232

  • Facilitates immediate 24-hour crisis response and information for people of all genders impacted by sexual assault or abuse, considering suicide or wanting assistance with current child abuse.
  • For information about our services or referral to our programs (counselling, groups, assistance with police, etc.)  call during regular office hours (Monday - Friday, 9:30-4:30pm) TTY/TTD accessible.

24 hours Crisis Line service made possible through partnership with the Central Vancouver Island Crisis Line Society

SART – Sexual Assault Response Team

Provides immediate emotional support and information to people of all genders who have been sexually assaulted within the past week.

The SART team is available to provide survivors support and understanding, while countering effects of further trauma or secondary victimization. During the initial hours and days after an assault, women can be confused, overwhelmed, and most likely still in shock. The SART team:

  • Provides immediate emotional support and information to people of all genders who have been sexually assaulted within the past week and is age 13+
  • Facilities accompaniment to hospital and medical and police involvement as requested by survivor.
  • To access service, call the crisis line or attend at Victoria General Hospital.

Counselling – individual & group – crisis & longer term

WSAC provides both short and long term counselling, as well as group counselling sessions.

Short term
(Crisis) counselling assists in dealing with the most immediate emotional, physical and behavioral reactions to sexual assault, or provides help for those women who are currently experiencing a crisis in their life as a result of historical sexual abuse.

Long term counselling
(individual & group) provides help in dealing with sexual trauma and its long term effects.

Victim Services

The Victim Service Worker provides services connected to the legal system including; accompaniment and support in making police reports, assistance with preparation for the court process, case status information, and assistance with applications for the Crime Victim Assistance Program.

Support for family & friends
Being a friend, partner, or family member of a woman who has experienced sexual trauma can be confusing and upsetting. We provide both group workshops and individual counselling sessions to help you understand some of the related issues that have an impact on you and your relationship and offer ways in which you as a partner or ally can help.

Youth, ages 13 to 18, sometimes require a unique counselling experience. We provide continuous, flexible counselling and groups specifically for youth. 40% of recent sexual assault survivors accessing our services are young women 14-19.

Project Respect - Youth Prevention Program

Our violence prevention program focused on youth addresses the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that allow sexual violence to occur.

Project Respect TM is a youth driven initiative that aims to stop sexual violence among youth ages 14-18. [ Project Respect ]

Links to other services


BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse counselling and support for male survivors. call 381-0493

Men’s Trauma Center provides treatment and support services to adult and late adolescent males who are survivors of physical, emotional or sexual trauma as well as support for our clients’ significant others. Call (250) 381-3679

Central Vancouver Island Crisis Line Society. Providing 24-hour crisis line support and resources Island wide. Crisis line: 24 hours 1-888-494-3888.

free, confidential health services including birth control, pap tests, and counselling. Call (250) 388-7841.

information about birth control and sexuality. Services available including affordable birth control, pregnancy options, pap tests. Call (250) 592-3479.

counselling for children, youth and their families who have experienced sexual abuse. Call (250) 385-6111


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