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Why the dandelion image?

Dandelions are some of the most determined and resilient flowers. In many ways Dandelions are just like you and I. They are strong enough to crack through pavement in an unwavering pursuit to feel the warmth of the sun. So are you, and so am I. Just like people, Dandelions are all around us - it’s hard to find an area where a Dandelion hasn’t existed. And no matter how hard one tries, a Dandelion’s spirit can never be extinguished forever by just the will of another person. Neither can your spirit, and neither can mine.

A Dandelion transforms when it is ready to begin its next chapter. This is the version we recall as children, picking a Dandelion, taking a breath, and giving a blow so the soft seedy filaments become windborne, then settle back to earth. Without us even knowing it, this is our way of helping a Dandelion to find more nourishing soil.

We all know what it’s felt like to be a Dandelion. In times of crisis or healing, it may appear as if even the slightest breeze could shatter our delicate frame. But hidden beneath that subtle exterior is a deep will to continue, a strong spirit to survive. Sometimes, a Dandelion needs that soft breath, that helping hand, which will lift it up, and carry it to a new path in life - just like a person needs from time to time.

And that is why we are here. Like a spot in the earth where a Dandelion seed can settle, then lay strong roots and grow towards the sun - we are a place where a person can come to begin their journey of healing and growth, and help bring the light back into their life.