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Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)


The SART Team is available to provide survivors support and understanding, while countering effects of further trauma or secondary victimization. During the initial hours and days after an assault, women can be confused, overwhelmed, and possibly still in shock. Each part of the SART team works in a unique way to provide the survivor with the service and support required.

SART members

SART Worker:

  • Supports survivors at the hospital, police station, or by phone
  • Provides information regarding the survivors' rights, choices, and options, as well as emotional support

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner:

  • Provides a range of medical attention and information specific to sexual assault.
  • Medical attention includes medical information, full medical exam, and/or forensic collection through the Emergency Room at Victoria General Hospital

Victim Service Worker:

  • Can act as a liaison between the survivor and the police and crown
  • Provides information, options and support regarding the legal and court systems

Police Officer:

  • Gather information to forward to the Crown Counsel to determine whether to proceed with charges

Making a Decision about Reporting to Police