Project Respect™ is youth talking to youth about:

Project Respect™ is a youth driven multi-media prevention program that addresses the root causes of sexual violence among youth. Attitudes about gender, values about sexuality, peer pressure and miscommunication about sex all contribute to an environment where sexual assault can happen.

Project Respect™ is a prevention model that creatively engages young men and women to talk about love, sex and relationships in a way that empowers them to be true to themselves. Whether youth are sexually active or abstinent, Project Respect™ gives youth the tools to determine what is best for themselves and communicate what they want with others.

Youth staff and volunteers have developed this project with the support of specialists in the area of sexualized violence recovery and prevention. A school based program and a social marketing campaign have been developed over the last two years in the Greater Victoria area with the help and support of many funders, media partners, school staff, parent partners and community members.

School Program:

"The whole workshop made me feel more confident about myself."(student participant)

The school program is a fun, interactive, two part workshop facilitated by two youth leaders. The Respect Revolution Video is at the heart of the program. It features youth delivering prevention strategies in a provocative, media-saavy style to counter sexualized violence among youth.

Part One raises awareness about the root causes of sexualized violence. Youth explore how gender stereotypes, labels (such as slut, player and fag),and the sexual double standard impact us as individuals and as a society. Through discussion, students learn how these root causes can lead to sexualized violence.

Part Two is a call to action. Youth learn ways to identify and communicate their sexual boundaries by playing fun games and discussion. Youth are taught ways to say what they want and don’t want and encouraged to think about what their own sexual values are.

"I am going to talk to my friends about their sexual relationships and teach them what I learned"

(student participant)

Parents have the opportunity to attend a parent orientation before the workshop is presented to students . Parents are shown the video, get a summary of the project, and have a chance to ask questions and give feedback.

Similarly, Project Respect™ meets with teachers, principals and counselling staff before the workshop to answer any questions staff may have.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the video and/or the workshops, please contact us.

Respect™ Campaign: Making Waves in the Media

Project Respect™ is all about raising awareness and changing attitudes and behaviours in the youth population. Youth are strongly influenced by their environment, including multi-media. A unique challenge to Project Respect™ was to take the learning that was happening in the classrooms about healthy sexuality and convey it through the local media to raise the awareness of the issue in the general population.

Media cooperation is critical to the success of violence prevention programs. Media have a powerful voice that can re-address the root causes of violence, and provide an alternative. Project Respect™ approached the media with three goals in mind:

Our media partners in Victoria include Hot 103.5, Extreme 107.3, CBC, Times Colonist, Teen Times, The New Group, Monday Magazine, CKMO 900, The Ocean 98.5, CFAX 1070, the Q!, CHEKTV,and Shaw Communications. We have also been supported by local magazines, including Focus on Women, Island Parent Magazine, Teen Times, and several municipal newsletters.

Media Partners have worked with the Project Respect™ team right from the inception of the project design, contributing their expertise and equipment to support the video production through to broadcasting the key messaes in the form of P.S.A.’s and donating space for print ads. The print media carried our ad series conveying that everyone has the right to healthy sexuality. Finally, the local television station is running a professional Public Service Announcement.

The media partners have gone one giant step further than expected, exceeding our expectations and goals. Their personal and professional interest in Project Respect™ and untold hours of personal time in helping prepare the key messages for the broader public has been extraordinary and inspiring.

Our media partners have proven their commitment to youth and their community. On behalf of the youth who will benefit from your work, Thank You!


Many thanks to the many , many organizations and individuals that have contributed to Project Respect™ We greatly appreciate all the support. You made it happen!

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)


Victoria Women's Sexual Assualt Centre:

The Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Centre (WSAC) in Victoria, BC, has made prevention a priority in their work with survivors. With over 19 years of expertise in the area of sexualized violence against women, VWSAC decided in 1998 to initiate a prevention program aimed at reducing the risk of sexualized violence among youth that would make a difference. Project Respect™ is the result. Please visit the VWSAC website for more information about its other services.