Project Respect™ recognizes that there are many spheres of influence in the lives of youth that teach youth about sex and sexual behaviour. Media. peers, and parents all have a part in conveying messages to youth about sex , love and relationships. While media and peeers might have the most powerful voice, it is parents that can be the most positive influence.

"Youth who are strongly connected with parents appear least likely to engage in risky behaviours" .

(McCreary Health Report, BC., 1998)

Project Respect™ supports parents in their role as guides and mentors for their children in the area of sexuality. We recognize that it is parents who determine the values for their family. We want to help parents find ways to talk with their children about sexuality in a way that youth will welcome.

Studies have shown that kids whose parents have been open in talking to them about sexual issues are more likely to engage in safe sex. Teens were found to be 3 times more likely to use a condom for their first sexual experience and 20 times more likely for subsequent experiences.

(CDC Survey, U.S., 1998)

The Project Respect™ team has met with groups of parents to discuss what parents want around this issue. Here’s some feedback parents have given us about the project:

"youth to youth aspect makes it more ‘real’ for young people. Positive reinforcement from peers is so much more effective than parent pressure."

"can act as a stimulus for conversations with your own children in a real comfort zone."


If you would like to let us know what you think parents need, please e-mail us at [email protected] and share your questions and ideas. Your input will help us develop resources.

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