The Media and the Root Causes of Sexualized Violence

Media tells us what is cool, what’s in style.

It also reinforces what lead to sexualized violence:

The media will design our relationships if we let it influence our choices.

Think about what messages you are getting about love, sex and relationships from the television, magazines, movies and music you watch and listen to.

Think about how those messages affect you.

The Media Designed Date:

Scene #1: Playing the Sexual Stereotypes

She worries about how she looks, about her clothes, about how her body looks.

She spends her time getting ready… waiting for someone to notice her and ask her out.

He does. He asks.

They go out. He picks her up in his car and pays for the movie.

They have a good time.

Scene #2: Acting out the Gender Scripts

He thinks he’s supposed to make the first move. He kisses her good night and gives her the message he wants to take it further.

He’s not really sure, though, if he does want to get into it yet.

She doesn’t say no. He continues.

She’s not sure what to do. She doesn’t want him to think she’s a slut of course, but she wants to go out again too.

Scene #3: Wishing that they’d got some… RESPECT!

They both go home and ask themselves: " Did I say yes? Did I say no? ... Why didn’t I say something?"

What Can I Do About It?

Design your own dates.

Write your own script.

Rehearse new lines.


Unplug Yourself…

Media is all around us all the time. We’re not going to stop listening to music, watching movies or television. But we can stop and think about what we are seeing and hearing .

Watch and listen for what messages you are getting about love, sex and relationships.

Talk about them with friends and family.

Figure out what is important to you.

Don’t’ let others tell you what you should be comfortable with.

Look for media that does support your values.