Are you ready to join the Respect™ rEvolution? Here are some things that may inspire you to find new ways to show respect in your relationships…

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All these ideas have come from youth involved in the Project or who have been in the school workshops. If you have any ideas you want to add and you are a youth ages 14 to18, please email us with your great ideas! [email protected]

Top five ways to get some…

Sexual Rights and Freedoms (we all got ‘em!)

Things to think about before…

Ways to communicate

What can I do to prevent sexualized violence?




Top 5 Ways to Get Some…

5. Want It. — Know what you want before you get into a sexual situation. What are your limits? What do you want to happen?

4. Ask for It. — Find ways to ask your partner for what you want. Communicate your needs verbally and clearly. Don’t manipulate someone into doing something they don’t want to do.

3. Accept It. - Listen to your partner. Respect your partner’s limits. Understand that if they don’t want to go as far as you, they are just respecting themselves, not rejecting you.

2. Expect It. — Respect is a given in a good relationship. Don’t put up with less. If someone is pressuring you, not listening, or being abusive, remind yourself you deserve better. Tell them and if they still don’t listen, find friends to support you and move on…

1.Give It. — If you give it, you get it. Find ways to give respect to your partner and you are sure to get it in return.






Sexual Rights and Freedoms



Things you might ask yourself before

you get into a sexual situation…

These are all questions that youth in the workshops came up with… If you have any you want to add, email us your ideas!

How far do I want to go?

What are my sexual boundaries?

Am I ready to be sexual yet?

Do I want to be sexual right now?

What are my partner’s boundaries?

What are the intentions? (yours and theirs)

Do I really like this person?

Do I trust the situation?

Am I in a safe environment?

Am I going to be drinking/doing drugs?

How can I make this safe?

Do I really like this person?

Do I trust them?

Do I love this person?

Is this a one-time thing?

How am I going to talk to my partner?

Will I regret this later?

Am I comfortable enough?

Am I ready for what might happen?

Am I going to carry any forms of birth control? Condoms?

Have my partners or I been tested?

What do I know about STD’s?

Do I want to have sex or not?

What are the intentions? (yours and theirs)

Is this really what I want?

Do I love myself?

Do I feel good about myself?

How am I going to talk to my partner?

What do I know about this person?

Am I enthusiastic about this situation?

What am I trying to prove?

Am I doing this for myself?

We have a right to healthy sexuality

We have a right to sexuality without violence.

Give it. Get it. Respect!



Ways to communicate Respect:

Let your partner know when you have become as close as you feel comfortable with. Here are some suggestions…

Could we…?

I’d like to…

Do you want to…?


I wish you would…

Do you not want to…?

I don’t like it when…

I wish you wouldn’t…

I like it when…

I’d rather…

I’m not ready to…

Can we…?




"Setting a good example for those around me by changing my ways first."

"Talk about the effects of labels mentally/emotionally"

"Respecting others and expect respect to be returned to me."

"Promote communication in relationships"

"Set boundaries and stick to them."

"Being proud of myself."

"Stand up for myself and ask for what I want"

"Accept other people’s sexual choices. Ie. To choose who they want to be with, when, where, how and how often"

"not putting people into categories"

"Respecting people for their differences"

‘Not spreading rumours about others"

"Modeling a strong female confidence."

"Not judging people, or believing everything I hear."

"Keeping myself true to my nature."

"Not playing by the role of the typical gender stereotypes."

"Stand up for what I believe in no matter what."

"Not using the term slut to describe anybody."

"Talking about the subject and being open."

"Not paying attention to lables and preconceived ideas about people"

"Not trying to be a player"

"Don’t call girls sluts or any names"

"showing respect to both genders"

"Telling him NO if I don’t want it"

"Speaking up, being respectful."

"Accepting people and not stereotyping them."