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Sexual assault and sexual abuse happens every day in every part of our community.

Our mission at the Victoria Women's Sexual Assault Centre is to support, empower and advocate for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence.
10 times a day, every day, our crisis phone rings and a sexual assault survivor asks for help
twice every week the hospital emergency department contacts us to help a sexual assault survivor
365 days a year we support sexual assault survivors in dealing with the criminal justice system
our highly skilled counselors provide individual and group counseling
we provide resources, support and groups for friends and partners of survivors and parents of teens
our prevention program Project Respect conducts school workshops and community events
we are operating at capacity and have an ongoing wait list for group and individual counselling

Services provided at the Centre support survivors of sexual violence in their emotional healing and work toward the prevention of sexual assault and abuse.

The Women's Sexual Assault Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, provides crisis intervention, justice related support services and counselling programs for those affected by sexual assault of childhood sexual abuse.

The Victoria Women's Sexual Assault Centre is a registered Canadian charity #108220054 RR and donations are tax deductible.  We gratefully acknowledge your generous gifts.



Victoria Women's Sexual Assault Centre, 941 Pandora Ave, V8V 3P4 
Phone (250) 383-5545  Fax (250) 383-6112  Email [email protected]